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Beaver Ave & H Alley – Partial renewal info

Hi Everyone – We are glad you have decided to renew your lease for this upcoming year. Your new roommates will be getting a slightly different email since they will be new tenants. Please check with them to make sure they received that information. Please leave the blue move-in folder that was on your kitchen counter last year, out on the counter so I can update the paperwork inside.
Here are a few items that need your attention.

1. Everyone on the current lease is responsible for cleaning the apartment prior to the end of the lease and beginning of the new lease (see attached Check Out Procedures). New tenants have a right to a clean apartment.

2. Your full monthly rent amount is due August 1, 2020.  This payment covers August 12-31, 2020 and August 1-9, 2021. You can individually make payment online with for your monthly rent due on your joint lease. You should have already received an invitation email from Cozy to sign up and link your bank account.

3. If you wish to pay your rent for the entire year (2% discount allowed) or by the semester (two payments of 6 months each, no discount), call or email the office for details. You will have to mail a check for either of these payment options.

4. You need to be in contact with your new roommates who are on the lease for the upcoming year to coordinate when they plan to move in. I will put keys on the kitchen counter for the new tenants.

5. **If you have not already turned in the parking agreement(s) for the free space(s) included in your rent, please do so immediately. The same parking agreement is used for free or purchased spaces. We have a few parking spaces left at the Beaver Ave and College Ave lots to purchase. Call for final availability before turning in the paperwork and payment. You can fill out the parking agreement from this link:  The completed form should be mailed with the full payment to get one of those spaces. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 
***Click Here*** for our Check Out Procedures

Cheryl, Rental Manager
Prime Property Group
P.O. Box 1057
State College, PA 16804
Text, Phone & Fax 814-238-6656