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Move-out info for partial renewals – Barnard Street

Hi Everyone – Please make sure you read this entire page with important information for moving out. Here is our procedure for people moving out of partial renewal rental properties. Your lease ends on August 4, 2020 at 12 noon. Exiting tenants need to let me know ASAP on their intended departure date.  Since it is a partial renewal, the new lease starts on the same date. Therefore it is very important that tenants not renewing for next year are completely moved out and have cleaned (see attached Check Out Procedures) so that the new tenants for next year can move in as soon as they want at the start of their lease. You cannot wait until August 4 to start cleaning and moving out. Please leave the blue move-in folder that was on your kitchen counter last year, out on the counter so I can update the paperwork inside.

**As per your Joint and Several Lease, the security deposit will be refunded in one check payable to all exiting tenants on the lease. For ease in cashing the check, you might consider having the check made out to only one person, for which we need to have written instructions from all exiting tenants in the house that they are in agreement.  Written instructions must be received by the end of the lease, email replies are fine. The person getting the check should notify this office with their forwarding address. 
The last exiting person to leave the apartment should call this office to notify us that the property is ready for inspection.  

I will make an inspection once I have heard from all the exiting tenants that they are completely out and prior to any new tenants moving in.

Dumpsters are only for household garbage.  If you have large items to dispose of such as mattresses, bed frames, furniture, carpet, TVs and other big items, please consider donating items in good condition to Goodwill (814-237-1848), St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store (814-867-3131) or Centre Peace (814-353-9081).  If they are not in good shape, they should be placed by the curb for “big trash” pickup. Do not put furniture or large items inside or block dumpsters.

Click here: for detailed information on our Move Out Procedures


Cheryl, Rental Manager
Prime Property Group
P.O. Box 1057 State College, PA 16804
Text, Phone & Fax 814-238-6656