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How do I lease an apartment?

Leasing is a pretty easy process. Follow these simple steps and review the questions below and you’ll quickly be on your way to renting from us. The steps are…

  1. Find a place you would be interested in checking out
  2. Set up a tour
  3. If you like it, download a Rental Application
  4. Call the office to hand in completed applications and security deposit to secure the house
  5. Sign the lease

Can we get a tour to check out the inside of one of the houses or apartments?

To see the inside of one of our houses or apartments, call our office at 814-238-6656 to set up an appointment to tour the property. We need at least 24 hours to give the current tenants notice that we are coming over.

When can we sign the lease?

If a house is available for next year (there may be seniors in the house now who will be graduating), we can sign the lease after all of the applications have been handed in and approved and the full security deposit has been paid.

Do you know which houses are available for next year?

We usually have a good idea what’s going to be available by the middle of October. Our current tenants get the first shot at renewing their apartments.

We know which house we want to rent. What should we do?

If you think you want to rent one of our places, have your group ready and organized and call our office immediately. The time you spend getting your group together is the time that someone else may be renting your place. Please remember that it is our policy to NOT “hold” apartments or houses while people assemble their groups.

How much money do I have to bring to the lease signing?

You need to bring the security deposit (equal to one month’s rent) to the signing as a good faith measure that you aren’t going to change your mind about living there. This deposit is non-refundable and you will lose it if you do change your mind after signing the lease.

We have most of the money but not all of it. Can we still sign the lease?

 We’ll review this on a case by case basis. If you have most of the money, and need a few days to get your parents to send the balance, We can probably live with that.

Is there anything else in addition to the security deposit that I should bring to the lease signing?

Yes. Please bring:

1.) Your driver’s license
2.) Your checkbook
3.) A completed application form for each person (found on this website)
4.) A $25 application fee for each person (this is used to pay for credit checks etc.)

Do we all have to be there for the signing?

 That would be best. However, if someone is missing due to a schedule conflict, the lease can be signed by the rest of your group and the missing party can sign later.

Who has to sign the lease?

Everyone who is going to live in the house must sign the lease. In addition, you will need to get one parent per person to co-sign the lease in the form of a “Parental Guarantee”. After we get done signing the lease, we’ll email everyone copies of the lease. Then we’ll send a “Parental Guarantee” to each of your parents. Your parents can then mail the original notarized “Parental Guarantee” back to us for our files.

Why do my parents need to co-sign the lease?

We realize that the parents are the ones paying for the housing, in most cases. If we don’t get the rent check, we can always track you down, but you don’t have any money. To get unpaid rent, we’ve found that parents are usually a good resource.

My parent’s won’t co-sign the lease, will you still rent to me?

If your parents don’t trust you to make the rent payment, should we?  To remedy this, we offer the option to prepay your rent for the year. If done before August 1st, we usually offer a discount. Call the office to ask about this.

How long will it take to sign the lease?

It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on how organized the group is when we meet.

Where do we meet?

The HUB, Starbucks, Panera etc. Someone from the office will coordinate this with you and pick a place that is convenient for all.

Can we prepay our rent?

Yes. Many people choose to do this each year. Prepaying your rent is a large convenience to both PSU Houses and you. If you do it by August 1st, we’ll probably give you a discount. Call the office for details.

Is parking included in our rent?

Parking is available on site at all of our properties. At some properties it is included in the rent at others it’s available for a fee. Check out our parking spaces page to see what’s available and download an application.

Where do we do our laundry?

If you are renting an entire house from us, washer and dryers are located in the basement. For those renting on West Beaver Avenue or Barnard Street, the laundry room is located at the back of 433 West Beaver. For those renting on West College Avenue, laundry facilities are located across the street at 701 West College Avenue.