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House Parties / Damages

We realize that college students like to have parties. Please do so responsibly. There is a point system in place in State College that targets nuisance properties. Once a property accumulates a certain amount of points, PSU Houses can lose its rental permit. If you accumulate points against your property, you will be charged $100 per point. If we lose our rental license, you will be responsible for all lost rental revenue until our license is restored by the Borough.

Please clean up after your parties. State College Borough routinely sends out inspectors on Saturday & Sunday mornings to give out fines to people with trash and party debris in their yards and on their porch. Yes, they will come up on the porch to inspect. This violation is one that results in points being applied to a property.

If you have a party and damages occur, you will be responsible for paying for the repairs. Large holes in walls, broken windows, and other obvious damage are billed at labor cost plus materials.

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